Oh curses, you weren’t supposed to find out! And I thought I was hiding it so well.

Don’t sell yourself short, I think you were. But the anons always expose the truth.

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[pm] Still at the apartment, but I can head down. When the world turns into a scary sci-fi movie overnight, Scoobies and company take precedent.

[pm] I’m still at ours, too, but she could use the support. When the going get rough, the Scoobies group up.

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[pm] Probably not. But is anybody doing good right now?

[pm] I don’t think so. You staying at Giles’s? I think Buffy said something about us going over there.

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[pm] You and me both.

[pm] Guess I shouldn’t ask how you’ve been, then. 

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Anonymous inquired:

How are you today?


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Anonymous inquired:

lets be buddies can we please be buddies i really wanna be buddies

We could try, if you weren’t an anon.

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Anonymous inquired:

you're hot


//Doesn’t even know what to say man. Like k?

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Anonymous inquired:

Whose your hero?

Anyone who fights the good fight for others.

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Anonymous inquired:

Favourite smooch of 2004/05?

I don’t like picking favorites. 

//Honestly, most of them ended terribly so probs one with Harper?

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[pm] Not the way Dawn uses them. True, all true.

No, they don’t. But if you can put them off long enough to run… And encouraging people to pick fights seems like a bad idea. But self defense and martial arts is a good idea. 

[pm] Starting a fight is never the answer. More than anything, they should try to stay in after dark.

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